With this Safe Transport service, older adults or people with disabilities have the opportunity to get where they’re going without putting their safety at risk.  They can board the vehicle without leaving the wheelchair and be completely secure inside.  This way, they can get to family meetings, doctor’s appointments, the supermarket and bank or just go for a ride. You decide!

Service characteristics:

Trained personnel

All of our drivers are prepared to give the best service according to the disability; they’re also trained in first-aid, if it becomes necessary.

Safety measures

Both the person and the wheelchair are secured with safety belts and special harnesses, respectively, to best take care of the passenger. 

Board the vehicle in your chair

It’s not necessary for the person to leave the wheelchair.  They can board the vehicle safely and then, be strapped in and not move during the ride. 

Local or out of town

We’re based in San Luis Potosí, but we can take you anywhere in the country.

Up to 3 additional passengers

Depending on the size of the wheelchair, there can be 1, 2 or 3 places for others.

Monday through Sunday

Service is Monday through Sunday at the necessary hour (subject to availability). 

Service must be scheduled beforehand.

Request for service:

At the end of the form, you’ll be redirected to payment.  Service will be only be scheduled after payment has been received.