Job inclusion

for people with disabilities

“Job inclusion for people with disabilities is the opportunity to change a person’s and family’s life, but also that of the community, city or an entire society.”

Job inclusion for people with disabilities is the road to all people being able to exercise their rights completely.

Rights, such as education and employment, among others, are where people with disabilities encounter limits in their exercise due to city infrastructure, legislation and attitudes from people with no disabilities.   Being able to exercise each one of their rights gives them the possibility of living a full life which is why it’s of utmost importance to make the necessary changes for this to take place. 

Besides this, promoting employment and access to income gives people with disabilities independence, as well as bringing benefits to companies.

Inclusion helps everyone involved to win. 

Some of the inclusive companies with which we work are:


Benefits of hiring people with disabilities

Read: Inclusion, a business that can generate up to 28% extra income: Microsoft.   La inclusión, un negocio que puede generar hasta 28% de ingreso extra a las empresas: Microsoft

what inclusion can do

Lucy, una mujer poderosa

for a person with disabilities

  • Independence
  • Economically active
  • Can work towards dreams and goals
  • Improve quality of life

in the family

  • Economic stability
  • Improve family/personal relations
  • Expand family plans
  • Improve the family’s quality of life
Lucy en su lugar de trabajo

in the company

  • Less rotation
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved work environment
  • Strengthened corporate values

In the community

  • Economic activation
  • Transformation of culture to one of inclusion and human rights
  • Openness to diversity
  • Create spaces for everyone