Their concerns + their proposals + their work = Social Change

Teen girls between 13 and 18 years of age, seeking to transform the world by developing social impact projects, based on Advocacy and dealing with the issues that most concern them.  

Grupo de 7 jóvenes mujeres poderosas.

Teen Voices

What is The Voices?

This program stems from PodeRosa and focuses on teen girls between the ages of 13 and 18, with or without disabilities, who are interested and willing to implement high social impact projects.  They receive training in advocacy methodology and tools that allow them to develop their projects. 
This program was created with support from the Cummins Foundation and the Rise Up Foundation who trained us in Advocacy allowing us to train women about their human rights, as well as how to exercise them and use their influence to improve laws, regulations and public policies that hold their best interests at heart. 


In the first generation of Teen Voices, six teams of girls developed their projects based on their experiences, concerns and perception; said projects were implemented in 2020.  
We’ll be launching a new call to form another group of teen girls that will change their city, Mexico and the world! 


Do you want to participate?

We’ll be launching a new call soon.  If you’re interested, please write to [email protected] 

What is advocacy?

Advocacy is an ordered manner of political contribution; that is to say, a methodology implemented by the Rise Up organization by which decision makers effect change in benefit of the population.  This is called Advocacy Expected Result, AER.  
Advocacy places the voices of those who are experiencing issues, as its most important and central aspect; it listens to the needs and drives the creation of change agents.