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Who are our allies?

At Juntos, we know that there’s a lot of work to be done and that we have to unite many people’s efforts through the organizations that they represent.   We have the good fortune of having dozens of allies in social and job inclusion for people with disabilities: national and foreign; from the business sector; from local, state and federal governments; civil society organizations and many other institutions with whom we are proud to be working to generate well-being.
There are those who contribute with donations, others with their experience and volunteering and many realize efforts in common to attend certain issues or create new paths and tools to do more in less time. 
All of them are equally important to us and we’re grateful for the trust they deposit in us.  We work, and shall always work, to meet expectations. 
"We're convinced that the impact is greater and transcendent when we work in coordination with the government, private initiative and civil society. We firmly believe that alliances are the way."
Pepe Sánchez
General Director



For us, the trust placed in our work, our methodology and in our vision of inclusion by the people who direct or collaborate in these companies is very important.

We work with many of them in several of their locations throughout the country. It has been an honor and a pleasure to accompany them in this process. We hope that more and more companies join these:


The work that remains to be done for the true inclusion of people with disabilities is enormous, which is why we believe that alliances with the social sector are essential to achieve it.


Along the way we have had the fortune to come across some of them with whom we started working and little by little they have become our friends and we are very happy and proud to be building by their side:


There are companies that donates us money or other resources that make our work a little easier.

Without your support, we would not be achieving anything close to what we have done so far.

Thanks to each of them:

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