What is PodeRosa?

PodeRosa is a formation and empowerment program for women with disabilities and those women who are close to them so that, together, they can influence their community, delegation, city, state and country’s public policies. 
This program was created with support from the Cummins Foundation and Rise Up Foundation who trained us in Advocacy methodology so that we, in turn, can teach women about human rights, how to exercise them and how to contribute to improvements in laws, regulations and public policies that hold their best interests at heart. 
The result of PodeRosa’s first generation was a proposal to mainstream gender perspective in the Inclusion Law for people with disabilities in San Luis Potosí which, as of January 2020 is in the hands of Potosino lawmakers awaiting approval. 
*PodeRosa is a play on words.  Poderosa means powerful, and rosa means pink, which alludes to the color in the logo, giving it the added meaning of pink power.  

I am PodeRosa because I have many tools that have strengthened me in my work and at home.  

Now I feel that when I face injustices, I can exercise my rights.  I feel PodeRosísima.”

Angelina Robledo

Program participant

I am PodeRosa because I have control over my life and over my body.” 

Elia Martínez

Program participant

What I do has value.  What I do has a repercussion in society, in those people who surround me, in my family, in my friends.”

Gabriela Moreno

Program participant

What is advocacy?

Advocacy is an ordered manner of political contribution; that is to say, a methodology implemented by the Rise Up organization by which decision makers effect change in benefit of the population.  This is called Advocacy Expected Result, AER.  
Advocacy places the voices of those who are experiencing issues, as its most important and central aspect; it listens to the needs and drives the creation of change agents.