attention to people with disabilities

At Juntos, we work so that, increasingly, more people with or without disabilities, from all sectors, socio-economic levels, preferences, religions and/or ethnicities, become involved in building more inclusive environments which are conducive to the full exercise of their rights.  In order to do this, we’ve developed different programs for people with disabilities that help us serve each population in specific and improved manners.  Here are a few of our programs:


adult men and women with disabilities

empodera course

Formation, training and empowering program for job inclusion of people with disabilities.

women with disabilities


Advocacy formation, training and empowering for women with disabilities and those women related to them.

adolescent girls with or without disabilities

teen voices

Formation program for adolescent girls, with or without disabilities, for the development and execution of social impact and advocacy projects.  

children, teens and adults with disabilities

summer camp

Formation program of life skills for children, teens and adults with disabilities and in social responsibility, volunteerism and sustainable leadership for young volunteers.   

highly marginalized communities


Empowering and training people and groups from communities, that live in poverty or extreme poverty, in developing strategies for generating resources, self-management, human and sustainable development, growth and prosperity. 


children, teens and adults with disabilities

social programs

Programs for people with disabilities that consist of recreational activities in which they can develop and strengthen their social skills and in which volunteers learn more about inclusion, accessibility and social leadership.