Innovation and sustainability strategies are going to allow us to keep the lights on, when others, unfortunately, will be forced to turn theirs off for lack of donations.


Every year, donations from individuals, private initiatives and government are fewer and smaller and spread out among a growing number of institutions, causes or events that take place in any part of the country or world.  

The commitment we have to the people with disabilities and everyone we attend, is to continue offering our services, independent of the donations we receive.  With this in mind, we’ve developed strategies that allow us to generate our own resources and make us less dependent on donations. 

We continue to design innovative strategies and strengthen the projects we have today so that you can count on us and on our work for a long time.  This is our promise.  


For many years, civil society organizations worked depending entirely on donations.  Their activities and impact were limited and, on occasion, even conditioned to the donors’ vision or intention.  

It was common for the city’s most prominent businessmen or families to “sponsor” their favorite institutions; those that had reasonable local impact or were run by a family friend.  With time, this has changed.

Globalization of the business sector has made companies raise their standards when making social investments.  More is demanded of the institutions that receive their donations.  They want to know numbers about impact, projected growth and how they’re reinventing to work on sustainability projects that generate quicker return on the (social) investment.

Besides this, donations are spread out over the country and the world.  The internet has brought us closer to every cause and allow us to help when there are natural or man-made disasters.  Today, Mexican donations (that, sadly, are becoming fewer) are no longer ensured for Mexico; they could be going to Africa, Jamaica or Australia, as when recent fires ravished the continent down under.   

The present demands that civil organizations be sustainable in order to continue in the service of our causes; otherwise, the future that awaits us and the people we serve, could be bleak.